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The most frequently asked questions from artists.

Entering the competition

When will the 2020 competition open for entries?

Dates will be announced soon, you can put your name on the mailing list and we’ll send you a reminder.

How and where do I enter?

Use the Enter page. There are 3 basic steps to the entry process:

Upload photos of the look(s) you’d like to enter
Choose categories that make the most sense
Include payment and shipping information

How long has the competition been running?

2018 was the first year.

Why is there an entry fee, why is it not free to enter?

The IBI Awards are fully independent. This means there are no brand affiliations or sponsors that could set guidelines to influence the judging criteria. And the awards are not use for PR purposes by a tradeshow, school or brand.

This award is about you, the artisans and by everyone contributing a small fee, we can keep it that way.

Is there a winner for each category?

Yes! The highest scoring entrant in each category is an IBI Award winner and will receive the Statuette. However, if Judges feel the quality standards for a category have not been met they may opt to not recognize a winner.

Is there a live event or ceremony?

No. We’d love to celebrate with all the international artists and finalists in person but it’s simply not practical or fair to expert entrants to pay to travel from across the globe to an event. This Award is truly international, we want an artist entering in New York to have the same opportunity and experience as those in Australia, Kuwait, Ukraine, Ireland, Nepal or anywhere else in the world.

By submitting photos of my work, am I giving up my rights to them?

No! Your work is always your own and you retain ownership of it. By submitting, you can giving permission to IBI to optionally feature or promote your work with your name as part of our mission to celebrate artists!

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